# Making HTTP Requests

Akixi REST API requests are HTTP requests as defined in RFC 2616. (For more information, go to A typical REST action consists of sending an HTTP request to Akixi service, against a resource, and waiting for the response. Like any HTTP request, a REST request to Akixi service contains a request method, a resource URI, request headers, and any applicable query strings or request body. The response contains an HTTP status code, response headers, and any applicable response body.

# HTTP Request URL

Placeholder Description
protocol HTTPS is only supported protocol for login operation.
host Your service instance host.
version API version. E.g.: v1. See below for more information on features supported.
path Identifies an Akixi service resource or an endpoint to be called.

# API Versions

The current version of the Akixi REST API is v1.

See the list of features that are supported in v1:

  1. Basic Authentication Flow

  2. Report Related Operations